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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fear & Security

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"She (he) will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.  Her heart is secure, she will have no fear; in the end she will look in triumph on her foes."   Psalms 112:7-8

These verses have been running thru my mind a lot lately.  Fear is a big obstacle for letting go, going "all in", relaxing, releasing, being content.  Fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of loss, fear of bad news.  But really what AM I afraid?  Maybe just the fear of fear. 

Fear is a really strange thing.  You can't see it, touch it, or hear it.  But if given the power, fear can stop you dead in your tracks, inhibit decision making, or just make you second guess yourself.  It can mess with your mind, rob you of sleep.

I don't want to live that way any longer.  I am done with it.  That's why I love the promises of these verses. 

  • She will have NO fear of bad news
  • She will have NO fear (PERIOD)
  • Her heart is STEADFAST, TRUSTING in the Lord
  • Her heart is SECURE
Praying these verses over me and you today.  May we be steadfast women with secure hearts, trusting in the Lord!!  :)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

We have just survived the blizzard of 2011!  Locally we received over 20 inches of snow and over 60 mph winds.  The winds were crazy and rattled this house.  Kept waking me up overnight.  We awoke in the morning to over 4 foot snow drifts blocking our front door and garage doors.  Third biggest snowstorm for Chicago in recorded history.  Crazy! 

I finally ventured out this afternoon for dome drive-thru lunch for me and the girls.  Was missing civilization.  I could not believe the incredible amounts of snow everywhere!!  Snow covers absolutely everything.  Katey is as happy as can be.  She had a blast playing in it yesterday.  Today we have -10 degree wind chills, so no playing outside.  She was not happy! 

I spent my two days off from work catching up on laundry (over 5 loads I think), watching DVR shows (Brothers & Sisters), and movies (Social Network and Elizabeth: The Golden Age).  Plus shoveling and refereeing two little girls!  Have REALLY enjoyed being off these past 2 days but a little part of me wants to go back to the daily routine.  And going back to work on a Friday will be easy with the weekend ahead!  :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Racing into 2011!

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Happy New Year!

Today I did something I have never done in my life.  I walked in my first 5K race!  About 10 days ago a dear friend strongly persuaded me into joining her to walk in the Run Into the New Year 5K Run in Milwaukee.  If you know me, you know that is no small accomplishment.  I was a nervous wreck, not knowing what to expect.  The day turned out to be so much fun.  My legs and back are hurting tonight but it was so worth it.  It is the first time I have ever pushed myself so hard, so far physically EVER!  It gave me such a sense of accomplishment and hope that I do not have to be this couch potato I have been for far too long.  Go me!  :)
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks

Being thankful on Thanksgiving should be a no-brainer, right?  It's eeeeeassssyyyyy to be thankful on Thanksgiving.  What is wrong with you (or ME) if we're not?  I AM thankful for I have been blessed with a lot.  A lot of great people, all my physical needs, job, car, food, family, friends, new church, health, and lots more. 

But what about pain?  Can I really choose to be thankful for that today?  God tells me in His Word that I should be.  We are called to be thankful in ALL circumstances, always giving praise and thanks to our Lord  & Saviour Jesus Christ.  Lord, I am thankful but most days I sure wish you would take away my pain.  That may or may not happen on this side of heaven but I know He endured more emotional, spiritual, and physical pain that I will more than likely never experience.  So when my heart is breaking, I am choosing to remember how God's heart broke a million times over for my sin.